Gary Power

Gary Power is a UK based artist working in drawing, painting and sculpture.Gary is interested in investigating how the materials, and processes associated with contemporary art can be used to investigate ideas in a spirit of personal enquiry and research. His work shows a commitment to the value of the handmade and the contribution an artists' personal perspective can bring to broader philosophical issues. In his current work, Gary uses a systematic approach to produce collages, abstract paintings on paper and relief panels using acrylic ink, stencil- printing and watercolour.

Gary has exhibited his work widely, and completed a number of major public commissions, particularly in architecture. 

 Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2018

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2021

UPCOMING: Thinking in Colour and Form II with Debby Akam. The Dover Gallery, Farfield Mill, Sedburgh. 5 July - October 2023