Gary Power

Body Dressing   The sculptures made in plaster from the previous series were later cast from a mould into wax to create ‘Body Dressing’ and Bloke’. These two sculptures are however significantly different because they are now hollowed out forms. The thin wax surface of ‘Body Dressing’ for example suggests a kind of mutable jacket or skin tight shirt that disturbs an understanding of the boundary between the body as substance and the body as a site for other representations. In ‘Portapak’ the accretions on the surface are disturbingly ambiguous too. Are they external to the body or are they part of it? ‘Pointing the Finger’ is a scaled down version of the larger plaster torsos, but with the forms simplified even further to resemble vessels.In this group they are arranged in an animated and unsettling coversation. ‘Signalling a Gesture’ is the only torso to be fitted with trousered legs. The upright, but headless skittle- like figure raises its arm warning the passerby of something unknown.